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NameMonica De La Cruz
Office Room1415 Longworth House Office Building
Phone number(202) 225-2531
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Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz is the first Latina and first Republican to represent the 15th Congressional District of Texas in the United States House of Representatives.

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Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz is the first Latina and first Republican to represent the 15th Congressional District of Texas in the United States House of Representatives. In Congress, Monica is fighting to keep the American Dream alive for the next generation of Texans. She is a champion for border security, an economy that works for American families, and improving healthcare access for South Texans.

Monica’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and the power of faith. The granddaughter of a Mexican farmworker, Monica was raised by her single mother, Norma, in Brownsville. She grew up with a strong commitment to public service, exemplified by her decades of community service. Monica attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Monica enrolled at La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México to study Spanish.

For over 20 years, Monica led several successful small businesses in her community, including an insurance agency, which she ran until her election to Congress in 2022. A proud alumna of James Pace High School, Monica is also an active member of her local church. She lives in Edinburg, Texas with her two children.

Meet Monica De La Cruz

Monica De La Cruz comes from humble beginnings. Her grandmother immigrated to the United States as a child to flee political injustice in Mexico. Monica’s grandfather was a first-generation American, and proudly served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Monica’s mother, Norma, single handedly raised her and her brother in Brownsville. Growing up, Monica’s family built strong foundations of perseverance, respect, and courage that motivated Monica to be involved in community leadership roles from a young age. She served as class president and head cheerleader at James Pace High School and as an altar server at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Living on the border and attending a public high school, Monica saw firsthand the effects of a broken immigration system and failed government policies.

Monica’s mother knew the value of a good education and service to our county. Norma encouraged both of her children to apply to universities and consider military service. Monica attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she worked and took out student loans to put herself through college. Her brother, Carlos, served honorably in the Air Force and retired after 20 years of service. While at school, she became a UTSA Ambassador and Vice President of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. Upon graduation, Monica felt compelled to learn more about her roots. She applied for a Spanish language studies program and attended La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. After this experience abroad, Monica applied for an internship with Turner Entertainment and was selected out of 300 applicants. She went on to work with TNT and Cartoon Network Latin America in Atlanta, Georgia.

Roots in the Rio Grande Valley

Monica decided she wanted to return to her roots in the Rio Grande Valley, where she eventually opened her own insurance agency. Monica found immediate success in her new venture, becoming the first new female agent in the Rio Grande Valley to earn the prestigious President’s Club award, an honor bestowed upon the top 50 agents in the country.

Monica’s tenacity is shaped by a history of resilient, independent women and men who proudly served their country. Monica’s story includes one of struggle and opportunity. She used her life experience to fuel her desire to achieve the American Dream. Today, Monica owns several successful companies and is a proud small business owner. She currently lives in Edinburg with her two children.

Border Security and Immigration

  • Bring back the Remain in Mexico policy
  • End Catch and Release
  • Finish the wall
  • Support Border Patrol, Customs and ICE
  • Hire more immigration judges
  • Support E-Verify


  • End regulations that increase the cost of energy
  • Support oil and natural gas jobs
  • Invest in American energy to be energy independent once again
  • Improve air quality and reduce pollution through technology
  • Support safe and efficient use of nuclear energy
  • Reject radical socialist Green New Deal policies


  • Support school choice for all American families
  • Stop the teaching of anti-American propaganda like Critical Race Theory
  • Reduce bureaucracy and instill more accountability at the Department of Education


  • Empower individuals to control their healthcare to best fit their needs.
  • Stop the continued government takeover of healthcare
  • Implement market policies to drive costs down


  • Stop incentivizing able bodied adults not to work
  • Implement universal and enforceable work requirements for welfare
  • Work with companies to transition people from welfare to work to address our labor shortage

Constitutional Values

  • Stand strong for our Second Amendment Rights
  • Always support the Right to Life
  • Ensure true Freedom of Speech is protected

Military and Homeland Security

  • Stand up to China and support our allies
  • Fully support our military personnel, their families and all American Veterans
  • Modernize our Armed Forces and invest in robust cybersecurity
  • Ensure military readiness and oppose woke liberal nonsense in our Armed Forces


  • Eliminate regulations on farmers and ranchers that prohibit economic prosperity
  • Oppose tariffs that hinder American farmers from reaching new customers
  • Ensure that ranchers and farmers get reimbursed funds for confirmed damages due to illegal immigrant traffic
  • Fix the supply chain crisis to allow smooth exports of American agricultural products

Spending and National Debt

  • Stop the deficit spending that is driving rising inflation
  • Back a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution
  • Incentivize Federal workers to save taxpayer money by rewarding employees who identify waste, fraud and abuse


  • Make the American Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent
  • Oppose any effort to raise taxes on Americans
  • Oppose taxing unrealized gains
  • Repeal the Death Tax
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